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At a glance all the IP phones do not differ from the usual ones we are dealing with each day. But if You take a closer look, You would find a much bigger functionality – call transferring, call holding, auto-answering machine, call parking, voice messages and lots of other neat stuff.

We offer a wide variety of IP phones – starting from basic devices and up to “on-the-edge” multifunctional wireless phones.




Linksys SPA942 is a multifunctional and easy-to-use business class phone. Stylish and comfortable design gives this model an advantage over all of the other phones, made for middle-size companies. This device has a high-resolution LCD screen, loudspeaker and a handsfree socket. Each line can be configured to use a separate SIP account. It supports 2 lines, but with a payable software upgrade it could be expanded to use 4 lines. This model also supports PoE – (power oveer Ethernet line)

Price: 438 Lt excl. VAT



FV620 phone advantages are simplicity and an amazingly low price. This phone has all of the mostly used functions, but it does not support a hands-free device. Perfect for usual office work!

Price: 254 Lt excl. VAT




FV650 is an upgraded version of the FV620. The main difference is that this model is much more user-friendly. As for the novelties – a LED light, indicating missed calls, 4 programmable buttons for Speed Dial, improved menu navigation, separate Call List button, PoE support.

Price: 329 Lt excl. VAT



Elmeg IP290 model offers high quality and rich functionality to its users. It uses SIP protocol to interact with Microsoft Messenger and VoIP routers. 2 Ethernet ports and VLAN usage allows to connect this device directly to the PC.

Price: 437 Lt excl. VAT



Cisco CP-7912G IP phone is a high value business phone, made for people, dealing with a high call volume. 4 functional keys and a graphical display provides a pleasant user experience, and a simple menu structure eases work even for the most inexperienced users.
CP-7912G can work using the “bridge” principle and also supports PoE, what reduces the installation up to a single wire.

Price: 438 Lt excl. VAT



GIGASET C450 IP supports a twin connection – via a usual analog telephone line and also through a VoIP line.

With Gigaset C450 IP You do not need a PC to make Internet calls! And switching over to the usual analog line is merely a push of a button. This phone works using a well-known ‘plug-and-play’ principle. This phone model proves, that moder technologies can be simple to use.

Price: 350 Lt excl. VAT


Product prices could possibly change, depending on the USD exchange rate. To get an exact quote – please contact us by phone: +370 5 2323023 or by email: info@infospalvos.lt