Intellectual services > Dedicated servers supervision

Our team focuses on the highest quality and security standards when dealing with dedicated server support and administration. We provide supervision over servers, based in the customer-owned data centers and also in external rented data centers. Today we are providing our services in “Bite Lietuva” and “Baltic Data Center” data centers.

Why do people choose us?
  • Satisfied customers. Our customer ranks include security, major telecommunication, hotel and airline companies.
  • Short response time, experience and responsibility. We provide clear and realistic guarantees of the provided services. On customer’s request we can offer an SLA (service layer agreement) type agreement with an exactly mentioned response time. Our team has a huge experience in administrating JAVA applications, high volume SQL databases(information amount exceeds 150 GB), highly loaded e-mail, spam filtering and web systems.
  • Spaceship precision. We support Unix-based servers and guarantee reliability and quality of the administered system. The same type of software is used even on spaceships.

Depending on project complexity a monthly server support fee varies between 450 and 2500 litas excl. VAT.