Voip equipment > PCI/PCI-E boards (ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, GSM)

One of the most important VoIP part is the ISDN card – the part which converts a telephone signal into a digital one. Why do we pay this much attention to these cards? Simple. This is one of the most expensive IP telephony segment, and this is why an appropriate selection of an ISDN card, which would fit all the company’s needs, could significantly reduce costs and help avoid trouble in case one would need to expand the company’s telephone system.

Our company constantly works with certified and trusted ISDN card manufacturers, such as Sangoma and Junghanns. We have a wide variety of products available and do wholesale and retail selling of the cards, listed below.

We always try to stay on the edge of the VoIP market and ready to consult regarding  all the technical which might occur when dealing with VoIP. Feel free to contact us, and we will choose the best VoIP solution for Your company and help implement it.

ISDN BRI cards

Price LT, excl. VAT

HFC 1 BRI 1 port

300,39 Lt

Junghanns.NET unoBRI miniPCI

1.035,84 Lt

Junghanns.NET duoBRI  2 ports

1.208,48 Lt

Junghanns.NET quadDBRI 4 ports

1.899,04 Lt

Junghanns.NET octoBRI 8 ports

2.762,24 Lt

ISDN PRI cards

Price LT, excl. VAT

Sangoma A101 1 port,

1.798,91 Lt

Sangoma A101X 1 port, PCIex

2.071,68 Lt

Sangoma A101D 1 port, echo canceller  

2.865,82 Lt

Sangoma A101D-X 1 port, echo canceller, PCIex

3.211,10 Lt

Sangoma A102 2 ports

3.000,48 Lt

Sangoma A102X 2 ports, PCIex

3.359,57 Lt

Sangoma A102D 2 ports, echo canceller

4.799,39 Lt

Sangoma A102DX 2 port, echo canceller, PCIex

5.161,94 Lt

Sangoma A104 4 ports

5.099,79 Lt

Sangoma A104X 4 ports, PCIex

5.455,42 Lt

Sangoma A104D 4 ports, echo canceller

8.100,27 Lt

Sangoma A104DX 4 ports, echo canceller, PCIex

8.462,81 Lt

Sangoma A108 8 ports

8.701,06 Lt

Sangoma A108X 8 ports, PCIex

9.067,05 Lt

Sangoma A108D 8 ports, echo canceller

15.005,87 Lt

Sangoma A108DX 8 ports, echo canceller, PCIex

15.368,41 Lt

Junghanns.NET SingleE1 1 port

2.416,96 Lt

Junghanns.NET DoubleE1 2 ports

4.316,00 Lt

GSM cards

Price LT, excl. VAT

Junghanns.NET unoGSM PCI 1 port

3.107,52 Lt

Junghanns.NET duoGSM PCI 2 ports

4.143,36 Lt

Junghanns.NET quadGSM PCI 4 ports

5.524,48 Lt

Product prices could possibly change, depending on the USD exchange rate. To get an exact quote – please contact us by phone: +370 5 2323023 or by email: info@infospalvos.lt