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An analog telephone adaptor (ATA) is a device which connects a standard telephone to a PC or a network so that the user can make Internet calls. Internet-based long distance calls are quite more cheaper than calls made through „old-school“ traditional analog lines, and ATAs are usually cheaper than specialized VoIP phones that make a direct connection to a PC.

There are several different types of analog telephone adapters. All ATAs make a physical connection between a telephone and a PC or a network device, some can convert an analog signal to a digital one and then connect directly to a VoIP server, and others use software products to do their job on both ends.

The simplest type of ATA has at least one or more RJ-11 jacks to connect a telephone (and/or a fax) and a USB connector that is being plugged into the user's PC or handheld device. This type of ATA usually works together with some type of software (softphone). The software acts as a media between the telephone and a VoIP server, making voice date digital so that it can be transmitted over the Internet.

In a business version, an ATA has multiple telephone jacks and an RJ-45 connection to a 10/100BaseT Ethernet hub or switch, and is used to connect to a local area network (LAN). This kind of an ATA firstly digitizes voice data and uses H.323 or SIP protocols to communicate directly with a VoIP server without a softphone.

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