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The main task of a website CMS (Content Management System) is to help users easily manage text and visual information.

Our CMS is meant to serve people, who do not have any special computer or programming skills, amongst which you could find marketing managers, CEOs, lawyers and various government workers.

Main advantages of the offered CMS:
  • Text editor, similar to Microsoft Word with functions such as – Cut, Paste, Copy, Insert, Import from MS Word, table management, aligning.
  • A possibility to erase formatting when importing text from Microsoft Word media.
  • Pictures, Flash animation and other files are stored in one single place, which allows users to use same material in different website locations. To save time it is possible to classify, filter and search for stored files.
  • A flexible user management system allows creating an unlimited number of users, managing their passwords and storing them in groups.
  • Website administrator can assign users to be responsible for separate pages and allow them to make changes only on selected pages.
  • An easy way to transfer information between different websites, using the mouse and the Copy/Paste principle.
  • An included backup system to prevent data loss.

The price of a content management system varies depending on the included data modules. A basic package costs 3000 Lt excl. VAT