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Our company presents a new generation Customer Relationship Management system - FutureVoice. This system electronically stores information about the company’s communication – phone calls, e-mails, faxes and meetings. How often do Your employees lose information about the customer and the phone showed N missed calls from unknown numbers? Yes, it is always possible to sit down with an address book and check the origin of those missed calls, but why? If you could make life easier...

FutureVoice system consists of 3 main parts:

VoIP telephony server

We offer a telephony PBX, suitable for all companies. Do you want your office phone, which proudly stands for X years in a row just beside your monitor, to get all the modern IP telephony functions and even outstand Skype calling prices? Cost-free internal and cheap external calls, call statistics and accounting, call recording and an auto-answering machine – all of these functions are available in the FutureVoice system. If you are using a telephony system – why won’t you start using it effectively?

Secure E-mail server

FutureVoice allows an expansion of e-mail functionality – extra information security, automated virus check, and also a relief from the all-hated “Viagra” and “XXXX” stocks purchase offers – SPAM! You could possibly say – “Big deal… I have Gmail… They offer the same stuff.”. The difference is a unique symbiosis of e-mail and CRM systems – what that suppose to mean? A full history of e-mails, assigned to each employee, logically stored on the server with permission for a supervisor to view those e-mails. And that is a big NO for personal e-mail during working hours. Who wants to pay for the time, wasted by employees?

 CRM (customer relationshipmanagement system)

And now try to be honest – how often do You hear this kind of a conversation in Your office?

-“Anthony, did we send an offer to Mr. Smith?”

-“Martin, I can’t remember a single thing about this case. Who’s Mr. Smith? Can’t you call him and doublecheck?!”

-“Only if You could find me his numer… Oh well… I’ll just Google it…”

And now let us head on for simple math: conversation 5 minutes, google’ing – 5 minutes more, attempts on remembering the “Smith story” – 10 minutes more. Yes, all of this could be avoided! FutureVoice automatically stores all incoming and outgoing calls and e-mails. Every piece of information is being assigned to the correct owner – i.e. “Mr. Smith’s company”. This allows users to easily look up all events, related with a particular customer, view all e-mails, faxes and view the call history. Flexible user permission system provides a secure storage option for documents and various related files. And what is most important – this system is amazingly user-friendly!